The spot and time of their particular dying would be the core away from the latest dispute

The spot and time of their particular dying would be the core away from the latest dispute

The spot and time of their particular dying would be the core away from the latest dispute


Correspondence, speeches, and you may clippings, 1904-1972. Sacagawea, an enthusiastic Indian lady fabled for their character in the 1803 Lewis and Clark expedition, has been a continuous source of argument to own West historians. That it range consists of materials describing two schools of thought the latest Southern area Dakota Theory and the Wyoming Theory.

Biographies of women parishioners, 1989-1992, 1994, 2003. For every single bio is actually written by anyone it identifies or a good member of that individuals family.

Sororities become Leader Phi, Leader XI Delta, Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta, and you may Pi Beta Phi

That it collection consists of a credit photo album gathered of 1949-1952. All the notes are Christmas cards, although there is delivery notices, birthday celebration greetings, and you may Valentine notes. The fresh scrapbook provides solid wood covers that are tied having a leather-based link. postimyynti morsiamet ukraina miksi The phrase “Scraps” is on new defense. This new scrapbook was remaining by the LaVeda Fendrick Sargent who lived in this new Kirley, Southern area Dakota town.

The latest collection include items amassed by Karon Schaack when you find yourself probably the fresh College out of Southern area Dakota (Vermillion, S.D.) in the early 1960s. Included are two things of the USD guide “The fresh new Volante” out of November twenty-six and you will December 10 of 1963. The newest range also incorporates several copies of your own Ladies’ Panhellenic Association of College off Southern Dakota booklet towards rush few days getting 1963. The booklet includes sorority charges, legislation, rush times schedule, sorority chart, sorority situations, and various generate-ups to the over listed sororities as well as their participants. An alternate booklet on Pi Beta Phi is also provided.

Schiefelbein are a good Gettysburg resident whom instructed school in the surrounding town, including the Cheyenne River Reservation. Certainly one of their own paperwork is development clippings, interaction, postcards, photographs, employment info, and you can college info. Away from special-interest are characters away from Virginia’s youth pencil friend inside France (printed in each other English and French) and you may characters out-of their particular cousin Tom while he was in brand new Sky Push. The college records include Virginia’s report notes away from 1912-1917, a keen arithmetic booklet, and you can a last composing project. Images show views on Four Holds Day College on Cheyenne River Scheduling in addition to relatives photographs.

The fresh range includes appointment minutes on Shakespeare Bar from Aberdeen (1902-2001). The latest bar found monthly to talk about Shakespearean website.

In the early 20th century, the lives of Anna Bertha Swift Eagle, her cousin Jenny, and Charles Shaving were intricately woven into the fabric of the Cheyenne Lake Sioux Tribe. The tribe resided in the northern region near LaPlante, in proximity to a serene location known as Virgin Creek. The community held a deep connection with their ancestral lands, and their daily lives were shaped by traditions passed down through generations.

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The fresh images include photographs off cattle, ponies, and you may ranch products

Part of the section of this range consists of four scrapbooks created of the Vonnie (Karlen) Shields when you find yourself planning to high-school from the Columbia (S.D.) out-of 1957-1961. This new scrapbooks include individuals twelfth grade scenes and activities people, cheerleaders, boys and you can girls baseball players, prom, band, happiness club, 4-H, graduation, and you will other high school students. Together with included try college apps, products, hobby seats, as well as other news clippings. There are also applications and reports clippings towards basketball tournaments. Brand new scrapbooks bring a beneficial illustration of highschool life inside the this new later 1950s inside Southern area Dakota. As well as integrated are 16 black and white pictures of your Rudy and you may Dorothy Karlan farm north of Columbia (S.D.) on the 1940s. 10 postcard opinions are about range and show town feedback of Houghton (S.D.), Ree Heights (S.D.), the new Brookings (S.D.) depot, and you may a flames within Milwaukee Depot when you look at the Aberdeen (S.D.) 1911. Brand new collection boasts yearbooks of Springfield Condition Regular College, Southernaire (1960-1963) and you will Parkston Highschool, Trojan (1954, 1957-1959). Two factors of the Pierre Gumbo (’72-’73) seem to be held within our selections and won’t be included.